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Welcome to Fellow, where we look for balance.

We are an open collective of individuals that aim to rediscover masculinity through dialogue, interaction and conversation, together. Our platform is a quest to broaden the scope of what masculinity means in our current society. Whilst feminist movements around the globe have made it possible for women to grow out of their stereotypes and head into (originally considered) masculine domains, we left men behind in our march to equality. How are men supposed to become a feminist, if we live in a culture where we raise men to reject everything that is feminine from the moment they are able to walk and talk? It’s often said: you can’t be, what you can’t see.

This meant the birth of fellow magazine, a platform that is a counter voice to our current hyper-masculine culture. We believe it’s important to show a different voice in the current discourse to let another voice be heard. To show all these other colours that are also within a fellow.