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I’ve always been an active and out spoken feminist but somewhere last year I realized that my focus has always been a lot on what inequality is doing to women. Feminism, like mentioned before, for me means equality for both women AND men. I realized that focussing only on women wouldn’t help us to come closer together.
Viva la Revolución
Up until now we’ve been looking into the patterns we can see in society and have tried to dissect them. We’ve been trying to see what might be the reason that we, men and women, are still so divided. I have tried to give you an insight in how we maybe can break these patterns and what might bring us closer together. As a socially engaged photographer I’m interested in how I, and other visual artists, can bring change in visual/popular culture
The Great Set up
It almost seems like we stumbled upon the hoax of the 21 century. We might even start to see that we, as a society, are the actually the ones feeding the problems of sexual assault, mass shootings and violence. The enormous outbursts of #metoo and the mass shootings in America could be seen as a scream for help or a call for attention. Let me illustrate this thought for you:
Mental health is an issue
In connection to what’s mentioned before it’s interesting to take a closer look at men and mental health. The issues surrounding mental well being are way more stigmatized and taboo for men than it is for women
Popular culture and the non-liberation of men
It’s hard not to be influenced by hyper-masculinity, if you’re constantly surrounded by it. Growing up we learn that there are some toys meant for boys and other toys are meant for girls. Boys’ toys usually have the tendency to reflect a sense of strongness. Most of the objects they get handed either have a relationship with violence or involve a monstrous character that is cold an distant. Girls toys on the other hand reflect everything that is considered ultra-feminine.